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It's happening again ...

You know how sometimes you just REALLY like a fandom? Seriously, really like it because of how amazing it is? Yeah, that is what happened between Final Fantasy and I. Since I have been a fan of the games since...lord I was five? even four I believe. They have been very near and dear to my heart. But none so much as FF6,FF7, and FF9. So I decided to redo my entire LJ layout and base it off Shinra corporation since at this moment FF7 is the main priority.

Aside from that I here are the list of things I will be doing all this month:

**College Applications/Teacher Recommendations

**Filling out an application for the Governor's School for Art

**Community Service (5 hours here, 5 there=10 in total by May)

**SAT/ACT prep (I will take them both)

**Writing up essays for said colleges

**And...finding time for lots of fun?

Yeah there is my schedule folks, I can work around it ...perhaps. The only free time will be when I am actually at home, like right there so ...

November, getting colder.

So I do love the fall months, but as it fades slowly into winter it becomes less pleasant. I have never been too thrilled with the fridged cold of December and January. Luckily this month brings a few school closing, the hope for snow, and thanksgiving. Then after that is December, more snow, my birthday, and Christmas. It's also during those times that I do a lot of changing around in my room, and getting rid of old clothes. I do it all before New Years for the sense of new beginnings.

So I have been on an creative binge for a while. Artistically speaking I have had a lot of interesting ideas. I want to do a picture that was inspired by Utada Hikaru's song Exodus 04'. I want to make the hair have a blue effect to it, how does that sound? I also want to do one inspired by the song Redemption by Gackt. As far as writing goes I have a story in mind called Rhapsody, and another one called Circles. Circles is a pending title, not too sure I will actually use it for the story. But here is the description I am using for Rhapsody so far:
    Ask anyone in the quaint town of Sumerset and they will tell you Aden Sunderbridge is the model teen. A well mannered gentlemen and excellent student. However, alongside that came a healthy love for mysteries and unusual things. During his summer holiday he takes a fishing trip near the island of Unteridge, but when his father's boat runs ashore he is forced to stay there until help can be contacted.
    Soon, strange things start to stir up in the otherwise peaceful island. He runs across a town populated by strange people. He discovers the people are all victims of the kidnappings that had been going on for the past 25 years. But why are they there, and more so why do they seem to be controlled as if by a puppeteer. Aden soon finds himself thrust into a world of dark secrets and dangerous traps. As he works to uncover the secrets of this twisted case, he also fights to keep himself from being controlled by the puppet master.

So that is what I have, what do you all think? I am never good at those kind of things XDD.
Well ain't this shit....

My friend's father is a total and complete asswipe. He made his son come home from a trip just because his sister got in a car wreck ,and she's okay right? Well then his dad pulls this bullshit like "I didn't know you'd be down there!" blah blah blah....I feel so bad for Richard! It's like what the fuck? Can't his father treat him with an ounce of respect? It's just not fair to him, and Richard says he's moving in December. Well I hope he can do it, because for his sake he needs to move. I hope he can, because I don't find it fair he has to be treated like this, at all. I really don't find it fair in the least bit. But I will miss him you know. He's like the ONLY person I really can talk to and get along with in this area, everyone else can just go to hell -_-;. There is that..and yeah I like him but that's obviously gone out the window too. But it isn't his fault. I just wish he didn't have such an asshole of a father.
This is the most I have updated LJ since i first got it like almost two or three years ago.  Last night I went to see Resident Evil Extinction. That was a really good movie, but there were certain aspects were I was like "did they have to do that?" But aside from the few minor set backs it was good. Not too mention ass-kicking babes are always the best. I just wish they would have Leon in a movie >.<; because he's cool and he's Leon. I also saw it with my friend Richard, he's cool, I think we're going back out tomorrow and bringing along my friend Karen, who I didn't know was friends with him. It all works out in very strange ways. Then we went to Ihop, I saw Ali, Nick, Sarah, Hannah, and Brian there. So Richard and I abandoned our table to join their awesomeness.  We were all very hyper because of this I think. Oh and being chased in a parking lot while a car is backing out= bad idea. You wouldn't never know that I am 18 would ya? lol.

Here is how things are going

Hey guys, you miss me? = D

Since I hardly ever update here, and I do feel bad about that. School has been fine, except Geometry class. Murr, I get the concepts but jesus, the teacher confuses me. Not an easy person you know? I am going back into my Storm Hawks trend and Haruhi Suzumiya is in full swing. I borrowed my friend Richard's cosplay Haruhi headband. It's really cool, I like it lots ^^. Tying the bows properly was ....a bitch o_o. I had to deter someone away from Devil May Cry 2 yesterday. I was like "Good game on it's own, but ...not the best incarnation of Dante." Pretty well I gave her the run down and she was like "oh o.o; " So yes, and I totally hung out with my friend yesterday too. We both missed class so we're like 'whee, lets' just hang out.' so I was happy. He got guitar hero, we tried to play it, then we just played ddr, by the end of  my stay we defaulted to using our hands XD.

Okay so here is a funny question ....what if someone attempted to cosplay Storm Hawks? XD Those costumes would be a bitch.

Going back ...

To school that is, just retaking two classes I failed *shifty-eyes* yeah, don't I feel like a winner. Hey, atleast it is only two and not like ...all of them. Just Math and Government x_x they just about killed me you know. Everything else was fine as far as I was told. Right now I am getting ready to go and procure myself some good ol' fashion country cooking ...or just biscuits and gravy ^_^.  Ciao <3

Video Games

I have been playing Devil May Cry 3 for the past  week. Let me tell you, I thought the first one was a bit difficult, but this is like wtf. Seriously, Nevan gave me a run for my money. I kept thinking "Aw, she'll be easy." But then yeah ...I learned the hard way. Vergil was ....very hard, especially some of his attacks. But I enjoyed that fight since it was one of the few boss ones to keep me on my toes. I have also been looking into getting the second one, which I heard wasn't as spiffy. No surprise there, not the same person who made it.  I also own the manga and novels. But the manga stopped at volume 2! x.x; Grrrr.

On the Road

Come to find out ....I am moving, monday!. I am like holy f*ck on a f*ck salad with f*ck ontop! XDD. Yeah pretty much my reaction in a nutshell, but I am happy. New beginnings and all, gotta keep this short and all so I'll update more later. bye

So I don't update much ...

Hello it's me, the updater that doesn't do too good to update. Today has been rather interesting what with a 2 hour long thunderstorm, blech. Aside from that we're going to move! Soon! hopefully soon. There are some nice places near the mall that my mom looked into that I think we should go to. It's just everyone else in the house is like "No, it doesn't meet our standards." I look at it this way, if you're going to move then just move. You can't please everyone after all. Aside from that today is the Storm Hawks marathon!....that...I cannot watch due to my mother having access to the bloody tv. That's okay, there is always www.veoh.com good site, lots of shows. I can have my own mini-marathon right here at the computer. That and I have already seen all the Storm Hawks episodes for the most part, atleast the ones that have been released so far.

On another note I have been doing more fanart for deviantart, feel free to look at it. I am trying to think of some original pieces to draw, but I also want to do fanart. Right now I am on a Yugioh binge so I will be doing a ton of that stuff. I hate drawing those blasted duel disks! It's annoying, they're annoying! XD But aside from that once I move closer to the mall I will probably get a job there. Maybe at the bookstore, or Specner's, or something...maybe the game store. Get discounts on cool games and systems. I will definately be getting more books, and manga too. I also am in need of a new sketchpad, already filled the other one up. Manga I want to get more of is ....

>Princess Princess
>Eyeshield 21
>Deathnote (I am almost done!)
>Samurai Deeper Kyo
>Fruits Basket
>Matantei Loki Ragnarok

That is just to name a few. There are also the dvds for Princess Princess that came out. Another show I want to get when it comes out is Okane ga Nai! (that means 'No Money!' basically). It's a yaoi and it's really pretty looking, there is a manga too. The manga isn't out yet in America as far as I know. I do know Jun Fukuyama who played Toga from Gravion and Gravion Zwei. He makes such a cute uke. Other than that nothing too much is going on in my life. It'll be back to school before long though. Think I'll be majoring in Japanese.


Updating new pictures onto deviantart, and such that has been my day for the most part. Oh yeah and taking walks. So right now I have a new favorite show, Storm Hawks. Never thought I'd like it, but here I am watching it ...fanarts....etc. But anyway there is this thing on SciFi channel, application to become a Ghost Hunter. That would be cool! Even if it does sound a little scary, it's a cool kind of scary. I hope to get that job, and if I do then I will be the happiest person alive. It's better than some of the boring stuff ...