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Lordy lordy....I just want school to be done and over with. All their bullshit there is rather unbecoming and unnecessary really. But hey, I'll most likely end up passing and never looking back. So that is how that cookie decides to crumble. Aside from that I got presents from my father today. New stereo, hoodies, cds, the like you know, all that fun stuff and more. I am busying myself with drawing my friend's original characters. Now so far so good, except her one character Desmond Crypt is a bitch to draw (don't ask why), but the other ones are slightly easier. Yan Nagendra, he's this half human half red dragon man, he was pretty easy considering. The rest I haven't started on yet, but I have not much to go on except detailed description XD.

Ooooh yes I can do cool things with my keyboard now, observe; わたしわげんきです。こころ、やさひいよあこ。。。yes I am just testing it out, writing nonsense XD. But atleast I can do that now where as before I wasn't able.

It's My Life (Dark Ace)

 Storm Hawks fanfiction. enjoy!


I am not feeling too chipper lately. I have had this bad stomach pain, then next thing I know a three day long headache, accompanied by an earache and toothache, yeah I am going to go to the hospital. It's just I wonder what is causing this anyway? Not to mention it's making me very sleepy whatever it is ...and irritable ^^;

So what do emos say ...

Here I have comprised a list of emoisms....

> "If I cut myself will I bleed away the pain?"

> "I will only write in red ink, for it is the color of my blood."

> "Death is a wonderful escape ..."

> "God I hate my parents, they make sense"

I don't know why but that last one seems to sum them up. They hate their parentals because they try to help XD lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving


All right now for an actual update. I am going to my friend's house for Thanksgiving, actually two friends so that should be filling. My family will have plenty left over and all of that jazz. So I can't wait ^_^.

*Insert random music*

Hey everyone, how are all of you? Here are a few updates:

>Creating site for comic

>HTML Tutorials out the ass

>Turkey Day soon =D


>Possible Freelance?

>Community Service

Ugh, I am finally going to break down and do it. Community service with little kids, little ...nooblets.....murrr. Anyway,  that is actually I have to really say tonight. I'll update later.

Creativity splurge

I want to make a web comic....

A really good one....

I was inspired by Ctrl+Alt+Delete to make my own web comic about my friends and I. I will be getting a job soon, and I have been on this run to be independently wealthy. That is just what I want to do. Maybe I can freelance write also and people will see my awesome skills? Lol. Well maybe...but when I make that comic I will post it up here first.

So I had this essay...

So how is everyone today? Doing good I would hope. I myself am pretty good, I want to go on a fanart binge but not until I clean my room. I can't work in a messy space it just ..blaah grates on my nerves. So anyway, I have been trimming down my buddy list. I went from 113 buddies now down to 62. Goes to show just how many people I don't talk to, because they hardly ever sign on.

On to other things I wrote an essay yesterday concerning Deductive Human Reasoning. It was pretty good I thought, and I did a sub-essay on societies views of the law at large. You know how it goes, no one can ever agree on who was guilty, and if it is ethical or not. Honestly, I believe if you committed a crime of great magnitude than there, you should be sentenced harshly. Especially if you rape/molest kids or even adults. Like the question I ask people (and it gets them quite a bit you'd be surprised) is along the lines of this...

    A robber breaks and enters into a man's home. The man hearing the noise grabs his gun and heads downstairs. The robber himself doesn't have a weapon on his person.  But he could at any moment grab the kitchen knife and perhaps kill the man. The man feeling threatened by the robber tries to get him out at first by threatening to shoot. If the robber advances the man shoots and kills the robber. Is this manslaughter or self-defense?

You would be surprised at how many people in the legal system see it as manslaughter. If someone is coming into your home, to take your belongings and potentially hurt you, you have the right to protect yourself, and any family that may be present. It's human nature to act upon instincts of survival. So to condemn the man for acting upon rational reasoning of scenarios of what could happen, is condemning the very basic instincts we were given by a higher power.

Can I get a w00t?

So....I love hanging out with people. We did some pretty interesting stuff today ...so interesting people moved away from our table XD. I have been caught up in videogames lately, I miss playing them! I have also been caught up in raiding icons from communities, especially dead ones. I am a shameless scavenger. A friend of mine and I are planning on dressing as Reno and Tseng and getting her other buddy to be Rude and just walk around Charolettesville like ...weird people I guess? XD

OH! There is a new FF game, Dissidia ~Final Fantasy~ is what it is called. I  think it has mainly FFIX characters in it since we all know 7 gets enough publicity. I mean seriously, Sephiroth, Vincent, and the Turks are the ONLY reason that Final Fantasy is so popular. If it wasn't for them it just wouldn't be as good, sorry XD. Hmm, anything else....? .....I did some fanart...SOME....but no scanner...at least not a working one.

One more update

DA stuff will be on hiatus until my scanner decides cooperate with me. My nice four day weekend ends today as well =(. I really dislike my Government class a lot, but luckily I don't have it tomorrow...I have....math.....*shudder* Blargh. Also I watched the trailer for the Crisis Core video game and it looks so bitching! But why is it two other people have wings like Sephiroth? Oh, well I guess I will figure this out whenever I get around to it.

Also, I will probably be finishing Devil May Cry 3 soon, that is a hard ass game, let me tell you. The 1st one is suppose to be as well but I didn't find it too difficult. Everyone like my icons? Feel free to take a look at them and/or steal them XD.